If you are paying a photographer to take on the responsibility of capturing some of the most special moments from your wedding day, you’d hope that that’s one thing you don’t have to think about. To a certain extent, it is, and your professional photographer will aim to put you at ease from the time of booking up until the day your photos are premiered. However, if you really want to make your wedding photography work in accordance with your needs and preferences then there’s a bit of research you could do first. Let us explain.

Get familiar with wedding pictures

Unless you’ve been a part of a wedding party before, you may not have realised just how many shots the photographer has to get! The bride’s side, the groom’s side, extended family, bridesmaids, best man and ushers, group shot… not to mention the hundreds of pictures of the happy couple in different locations around the site.

You might additionally have a set up in mind that you’d like the photographer to arrange (such as wanting guests to stand in a heart shape for a picture or for them to strike a funny pose to remember for all of time) or you might have an unconventional family and want the photographer to veer away from the traditional “family” photos. These are things to discuss with them before the big day.

Choose photographers based on their style

Photography is an art form so it should come as no surprise that all photographers are different and therefore the outcome will vary from one photographer to the next. This is why it’s so important to look at the portfolios of any photographers in the running. Once you’ve got a feel for their work, be specific about the aspects you love so that they can focus on these areas when photographing your event. Steer clear of hiring a friend unless they are happy to miss out on being a relaxed guest at your wedding!

You might have already seen some images on our Facebook page or Instagram feed and fallen in love with the lighting that one of our regular photographers captures, or the way they shoot the dress on the morning of the ceremony. You can check out all our recommended suppliers by visiting our website, which includes some of our favourite returning photographers!

Practice your best photo pose (yes, really!)

 Of course there’s much more you can do in the way of research: ask for recommendations, meet your photographer, search for props, check out the venue one last time to find the perfect corner to snap some of your most treasured memories. But none of these really matter if you aren’t happy with how you look in your photos.

It might sound cheesy and could make you feel silly or vain but take some time to practice your smile, choose your best angles and to do anything else that will make you feel good in the run up to the big day (remember, these things should be for you and only you!). Your happiness on the day will shine through regardless, but with added confidence you can enjoy the process and look forward to that sneak peek your photographer releases whilst your photos are being edited to perfection!

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