Understandably, if you are a 2019 bride, you’ll have your hands full with the final preparations before your wedding day. But make a mental note of this guide, or bookmark it to return to at a later date because when the day has been and gone you’ll be so overwhelmed that you may struggle to find the words to thank people for their generosity! 

What Makes A Great Thank You Card?

There are only a couple of things you really need to get across in your thank yous: acknowledgement and gratitude. The latter goes without saying, but many forget just how important it is to make the person giving you a present (or just their presence) feel really good about it, rather than just sending out a blanket message to everyone. So, don’t forget to jot down a list of who got what so you can be specific!

If you had a large wedding and have dozens, perhaps even a hundred thank yous to write, that doesn’t mean that there can be no personal touch. Why not separate your thank you list into groups, writing longer and more sentimental responses to some and penning something less elaborate for others? You may wish to focus your attention on close family members and your best friends, or you may have been so touched by a gift from a distant relative that you feel you owe them a really huge thank you.

Another idea might be to separate your list into categories such as: ‘attended’, ‘attended and gave a gift’, and ‘could not attend but sent a gift’. This might help you to get started with your wording.

It’s best not to use social media to do this important job as 1. some people aren’t online and 2. it might be seen as a touch effortless.

Tips On Writing Wedding Thank You Cards

 We’ve already mentioned a few dos and don’ts, but here is a quick recap of some things to remember when writing out your cards, plus some extra tips:

  • Aim to send out your cards within a few months of the wedding taking place.
  • Don’t just send thank you cards to those who gave you a gift, make sure you post one to everyone who came to share your day.
  • Be sure to acknowledge specific gifts to show your gratitude.
  • If you choose to type up your cards, make them more personal by hand-signing them.

What Should Your Card Look Like?

 Wedding Thank You cards are not usually bought off of the shelf. Most newlyweds will wait for their professional photographs to come back and then choose their favourites to appear on the front. This enables you to share your most special moments from the day and give people a little keepsake.