Even though you can’t guarantee winter flurries, if you book your wedding in December then you can hardly not dream of having a blanket of snow as your wedding backdrop.

But whether it’s a wintry wipeout or a wet washout you wind up getting, be reassured that there are a few things you can only get away with if you have a wedding in this season!

Get free décor (if it snows)

Okay so it may not cover your decoration costs indoors, but imagine having a winter’s scene as the subject of your professional photos! Picture it now: the pair of you standing in front of a frosty window framing a jaw-dropping scene of bright white snow as far as the eye can see. It’s enough to give you chills!

You may even wish to take the session outside and capture some truly unforgettable memories of you lovebirds canoodling in the snowy grounds (or having a snowball fight, if that’s how you roll!).

Get dressed up in boots

How many brides stay in their heels until dusk on their wedding night? Wouldn’t you much rather swap the uncomfortable stilettos for some soft, warm and, more importantly, comfy boots? Having a winter’s wedding gives you the excuse to do just that!

No matter rain, wind or snow, be prepped with your favourite wellington boots and sneak them on under your dress at the earliest opportunity. You may even like to incorporate this less-than-glam fashion statement into some of your wedding snaps for a laugh.

Walk around in capes and blankets like GOT

Quite taken by the fur capes worn by the likes of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones? Love to sit by a fire with a blanket strewn over your lap? Well at Warwick House you can make yourself cosy and at home with the help of our intimate spaces and warming atmosphere.

And, for a touch of rustic glam, why not buy some blankets in bulk and encourage your guests to help themselves to one and snuggle up as the cold night draws in? This could even double up as your wedding favour, given to individuals or handed out to couples as you please.