When it comes to your wedding day you want it to be something special and unique. While you may take some inspiration from others your wedding is your own special day for you and your partner. Having a theme for your wedding can be a fantastic way for you to bring everything together and it can help keep your planning on track. Often once you find a theme it is easier to find the perfect dress, table decorations and venue. Knowing how to choose a theme for your wedding is just one step towards planning the wedding of your dreams.

Find your perfect venue

Often once you find the perfect venue, within your budget, your theme may come from there. Think about the venue, and make enquiries, before setting your heart on a specific theme. If you are going to want a springtime wedding then look for a venue that has beautiful grounds, but also covered areas for those spectacular photographs even in bad weather. If a Winter wedding is what you fancy instead then consider a venue with beautiful buildings and interiors since this is where the bulk of your wedding is likely to take place.

Think about the season you want to marry in

As mentioned above season can be really important when it comes to choosing your venue. Also, it can have a huge impact on your theme. If you are going to want to host a Disney theme, or perhaps have fancy dress as the theme for your wedding, then consider the season. Nobody wants to be wearing underskirts or be dressed as a Disney princess in the height of summer.


Take some inspiration from the internet

There are so many amazing resources online now that can help you know how to choose a theme for your wedding. Pinterest is a great example. You can search for theme ideas and find an abundance of budget decorating ideas, ideas for personalising place cards and much more.

Get your friends and family involved

Once you find the perfect theme you might feel like you don’t have the budget to achieve everything you want. By getting friends and family involved you can often achieve so much more – for less money! Also, when you think back to your special day you’ll be able to reminisce about how everyone pulled together and contributed to making your day even more amazing.

If you have friends and family with specific talents, such as photographers, or crafters, then utilise them to make your theme perfect. You can often achieve amazing results by involving more people. You could have a meal with your bridesmaids where you come up with ideas for your theme. This helps involve those you love in your special day and could even help to bring your theme to life.