Midweek weddings have soared in popularity over the past decade, but why are couples no longer loving saying “I do” at weekends? Here, we’ll let you in on the secret to what gives weekday weddings so much appeal. And here’s a hint… it involves some impressive cost savings among other perks!

Embrace midweek weddings

Once upon a time, weekend weddings were sought after but those days are now gone. With weekday weddings on the rise, it’s really easy to see why… cheaper packages, more flexibility and something fun for people to look forward to midweek – what’s not to love?

Opting for a Thursday or Friday wedding is probably the best situation for those taking time off work. They get to watch you get married, party hard, and then still have an entire weekend to recover and spend with loved ones.

What’s more, weekday weddings have become the chic and trendy option because so many venues can offer their services to you exclusively, which is not always possible at weekends when they make their money from walk-ins.

Cost savings and vendor availability

Much like the above, you’ll find that many suppliers get their best trade at weekends and so they will naturally have to increase their rates to make up for this shortfall when supplying to a Saturday or Sunday all-day event. Mid-week weddings help to reduce vendor costs and it may even allow them to offer you some discounts or special deals that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you.

But one of the biggest pros is that those top-notch vendors whose weekends get booked up months in advance will have more availability to work with a weekday wedding like yours.

Venue options and flexibility

If you’re struggling to secure a venue you like as soon as you’d like, then it is definitely worth expanding your search to include weekdays. Even if you have the extra budget to pay for a peak day like a Saturday, you may just find that your perfect venue is free much sooner. And why wait?

Venues generally have great perks for customers looking to book off-peak weddings, which may be incentive enough for you to go ahead and get your midweek wedding booked now.

Check out our midweek rates for 2023/2024 at Warwick House, with a saving of up to £2k in Spring months compared to weekend prices.

Intimate guest experience

Having a midweek wedding doesn’t mean your guest list has to be smaller, but you need to be realistic and understand that not everyone you invite will be able to come. However, if you plan on a small and intimate wedding then a weekday wedding may be exactly what you’re after.

Not only can you have your dream, relaxed wedding during the week whilst the world carries on as normal, but you can also really make the most of those meaningful interactions with people who have stopped their busy schedules to celebrate YOU.

Of course, there are a few things you can do to make your midweek wedding a great success, such as giving your guests even more notice of the date (enabling them to make arrangements well in advance) and considering transportation options for the wedding party if people are restricted on time.

Choosing a convenient location is key as guests will want to be able to access the venue with ease if the wedding breaks up their usual routine, and not have to take extra holiday leave dedicated to travel alone.

Finally, if an informal, natural day is what you desire, then be sure to get this message across to your photographer. If you are getting wed on what would ordinarily be a ‘normal’ day of the week, then celebrate the day in the way it should be – a day of peace amongst the usual chaos of life.

Are you ready to book?

Weekday weddings aren’t for everyone, but for those who can, they can be a game-changer.

When you and your partner sit back and look at your wedding spend, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that a midweek wedding won’t blow all your savings and that, in fact, you may even have the money to explore new possibilities and break away from traditional norms.

As well as saving money, midweek weddings can help to provide unique experiences such as the chance to get married in a space that otherwise wouldn’t be available, or to hire your venue exclusively so that you can be completely at ease in your surroundings.

Midweek weddings are no longer seen as the budget wedding, they are probably even more ‘extra’ because couples have realised they can do their dream wedding AND MORE just by shifting the day backwards or forwards.