Dessert bars are this season’s must-have delight, and it’s easy to see why. The wedding dessert table often ends up being one of the most popular attractions of your big day. We’ve all seen jostling and loitering around it too many times to deny the power of a yummy treat. With a bit of creative planning and style, your buffet of snacks could prove the showstopper you deserve. Don’t be satisfied with a simple spread, dessert bars can be tailored perfectly to match your wedding theme. Below are some wedding dessert bar ideas you won’t be able to resist.

Planning a cosy winter wedding? Layer on some snowy white icing and add some deep-rich-spices to bring out the fireside romance of winter. Or maybe a classic summer wedding? Opt for some light and playful flavours to bring out the brightness of the season, some fresh summer berries or a little lemon zest can go a long way to bring out some magic on your day. With limitless possibilities you can enjoy curating your ideal theme to make the most memorable day…EVER!

Don’t get bogged down with a giant slice of death by chocolate cake, why settle for one cake when you could eat five! Bite sized treats have become a trendy new option you won’t want to miss out on. For the fans of carrot cake, chocolate tarts, lemon meringue and all the flavours in between, there’s something for everyone. A range of miniature desserts are not only playful for the tongue but also light on the belly, so you can keep coming back for more and more without any regrets.

Forget what Mom and Dad said about playing with your food, an interactive wedding dessert station could bring just the flair to your day you were looking for. Besides picking and choosing which desserts to indulge in, why not pick your toppings and combinations too. Lay out a selection of fruits, icings and shapes to add some fun for kids and adults alike. Bring out the inner child in all your friends and have a laugh doing it too.

 Enhance the flavour and experience

Perfectly pair a playful white wine with a gooseberry tart or a rich red with a velvety dark chocolate cake. You could even enjoy an Irish coffee with a steamy apple pie. Or if you’re feeling lighter, pair an Aperol spritz with a strawberry shortcake. Make your drink an experience worth remembering by adding a yummy kick.

If you’re looking for a fun theme, try a trip around the world. Take a bite out of each continent with an Italian Tiramisu, Caribbean Spiced Rum Cake, Malva pudding from South Africa, Mochi balls from Japan and maybe even a classic Banoffee Pie from our own doorstep. Don’t take 80 days to go around the world when you can do it in five mouthfuls.

Don’t forget the presentation!

A travelling dessert cart could be a fun way to keep the party moving. And if you’d prefer something a little more classic, then set it up like a proudly English high tea with each tier showcasing a classic British nosh.

Leave no one out

An important thing to keep in mind are nut allergies and conscious eaters like vegans.  With multitudes of equally yummy Vegan options to all your favourite recipes, adding a few extra choices leaves nobody feeling left out of the fun. Your wedding dessert bar cost wont suffer in the slightest to make sure everyone is satisfied, gluten free and other alternatives are in every store now so make sure no treat is left behind!

Late night snacks have always been all the rage, and who doesn’t love a midnight snack? Put out a classic selection of treats with supper, but a surprise cereal bar or chocolate fountain later in the night might just give guests that sugar rush they needed to keep the party going.

With tasteful choices and ingenious layouts yours could make the most out of your budget. And why not keep the choices close to home, make your wedding dessert ideas special by using Nan’s secret recipes to give your wedding day that dose of love and sweetness you needed. Instead of the old wedding cake you could even go for trays of mini Wedding cakes, the world is your oyster and the proof is in the pudding!