Here, we provide everything you need to know about wedding rings, from styles, engraving ideas, insurance and more. Find the perfect one with our wedding ring buying guide!

How much money should you spend on a wedding ring?

Wedding rings vary quite significantly in price depending on the style and finish. If within budget, we suggest going for at least a middle-range option for your wedding rings to ensure that they won’t be of a poor quality. After all, it is with these rings that you will vow to stay together forever, so you ideally want them to stand the test of time too!

Your choice of metal will affect the price of your ring. Platinum comes in most expensive yet choosing a diamond encrusted wedding band will bump the price up too. The average price of a small-sized diamond and gold band is just over £1000, but plain designs will be considerably cheaper.

Who buys the wedding rings?

Traditionally, the groom buys an engagement ring for his fiancée but, when it comes to wedding bands, most couples will use their wedding budget and head out to buy these items together. No more secrets, so you can discuss and debate this expense amongst yourselves!

Wedding ring engraving

Jewellery is very personal as it is, but there are ways you can make your wedding bands all the more special and meaningful. Having them engraved with something that is important to you both is a lovely personal touch, whether this is initials, a lyric, a date, a vow, a fingerprint, or a meaningful symbol.

Be sure to find a reputable jewellery engraver and have a look at some of their past work to ensure that they are right for the job, given the importance of the rings.

Should your wedding rings match?

If it’s important to you for the rings to match, then yes. But if you both have different tastes and want to go your separate ways when choosing your wedding bands then this, of course, is okay too!

Those with physical jobs might prefer lighter and more robust metals like titanium as opposed to gold or platinum which can show more wear and tear over time.

Should you get wedding ring insurance?

It is common to take out insurance for an expensive engagement ring, but is it necessary to do so with the wedding bands?

Put simply, if you have spent what you consider to be a lot of money on the rings then it is certainly worth getting them insured. Some jewellery may be covered as part of your home insurance, but it is a good idea to check if the value of the rings exceeds the limit. You might need to list them as ‘special items’ to ensure that they get the appropriate financial cover, so it’s also very important that you know their value when listing them.

What’s more, the rings will have strong sentimental value so, although they can’t be replaced, it might provide you with some peace of mind to know that they are covered. Nothing can replace them but at least you can invest in another piece of special jewellery if the worst does happen.