Choosing the perfect style for your wedding can be difficult because there are two personalities to consider. Let us help you find the perfect wedding theme that matches both you and your partner’s style…

Why Choose A Wedding Theme?

First and foremost – because wedding themes are FUN!

You wouldn’t plan a birthday bash without some sort of theme, so why wouldn’t you pick an idea and go with it for the biggest party of your lives? And when we say go with it, we really do mean that you can let yourselves run away with an idea or style and base every decision around it.

Wedding themes help to create not just an atmosphere, but a whole new world away from the reality of everyday life. By creating an inviting space to share your special day with friends and family, it can be like welcoming them into a magical dream-like world – one that they will find it hard to ever forget!

Aside from a theme being fun to create, having a specific style can really help you to maintain focus when wedding planning, thus saving you lots of stress and time. This is because, if you have a set style, you will be left with fewer (and far simpler) choices to consider. In fact, you’ll probably find that decisions will make themselves!

Popular Wedding Themes


If you dream of a classic wedding theme, then you probably have images in your head of crisp white décor with delicate florals and lots of simple greenery. You will probably be a minimalist who loves clean lines and beauty in simplicity, which is why most classic wedding gowns are understated, elegant and absolutely timeless.

A traditional A line wedding dress in a smooth fabric would match this style perfectly, as would a formal table set up with fresh white linen and featuring impressive chandeliers and light-reflecting mirrors. In line with the sleek and sophisticated approach, your bridesmaids may wear matching pale dresses which complement the bridal gown.

When it comes to menswear, you would expect the groom and best men to be dressed in suitably smart tuxedos in monochrome colours.


Boho weddings are very popular among modern brides and grooms, and they are an excellent choice for small, intimate weddings. Bohemian styling embraces elements of rustic, vintage and natural and create a really earthy and effortless feel, adopting lots of neutral tones.

A boho wedding incorporates lots of muted plants and flowers as well as beautifully soft textures, often handmade or woven. Tables may be decorated with pure linen cloths or macrame runners, and the bridal gown might be made from lace and appear looser in style for that flowy, free-spirited feel.

Floral hair circlets are common in boho weddings and this can become a recurring aesthetic with flower girls and bridesmaids also wearing them.


Glamorous, Art-deco-inspired weddings are a must if you love all things dramatic and exciting. One of the key elements to a super-glam wedding is luxury. As such, there will be lots of breath-taking displays, including sumptuous flowers and striking metallic décor, offset with dark accessories. Geometric backdrops or arches will emphasise your theme even more, and you can play with this art nouveau styling on your wedding invitations.

To match the grandeur of your theme, you will want to opt for a really extravagant dress – ruffles, sequins and all! And to add some Hollywood glam, you could go for glitzy makeup and possibly even stylish red lips.

Bridesmaids can get in on the showy style with beautiful dresses that wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet, while men can also jazz up their outfits with fancy fabrics such as plush velvet or silk.


A vintage wedding theme can be really fun to create, with nostalgic cars and antique accessories helping to take you and your guests back in time. Vintage styling embraces the old and unique, so it’s actually quite easy to put together. Things don’t have to be matching, and you can draw inspiration from some of your favourite movies from past decades.

A vintage wedding might feature pretty, locally sourced flowers arranged in jugs or jars, plus props purchased for close or nothing such as old-fashioned suitcases containing drinks or confetti, and ornate frames decorating ledges and surfaces.

When it comes to your wedding gown, there is no better choice than an authentic, vintage dress, hand made with lace and finished with rare detailing such as old buttons or interesting stitching.


Last but not least, if a rustic theme tops your list, then you probably like all things unfussy and completely natural. This kind of wedding theme draws on rugged simplicity, with lots of influences from woodlands – a bit like a boho theme but maybe less fairytale and more country.

Rustic décor often features wood slices on tables, with modest wildflowers and greenery. Some of the prettiest outdoor rustic weddings have lots of soft lighting, created using candles or even battery-operated bulbs hanging from trees.

A rustic theme is a great choice of you are getting married in a barn or if you want to recreate that cosy, intimate atmosphere at your chosen venue and make use of secluded outdoor spaces.

At Warwick House, we can decorate our venue in line with any theme. Download a brochure to find out more.