Magazine sales have dwindled over the years as they have been replaced by online media, yet one industry whereby printed magazines remain popular is Weddings.

One of the first things most Brides do when they get engaged is buy a pile of wedding magazines to gather ideas and information about those all-important decisions that they must start making as they begin to plan their nuptials. But it’s not just wedding dresses that brides want to know more about, they want to discover details about all aspects of planning their dream wedding, right?

Choosing Your Wedding Magazine

Below, we have selected five of the best wedding magazines covering a variety of wedding-related content.

1. Brides

While it is, admittedly, rather heavy on the ads, Brides is a good cover to look out for you when you are just starting out your wedding planning and looking for inspiration. A higher volume of ads actually shows you a wider range of products to consider. The mag is particularly useful for those wishing to decide on a style of dress, as the advertisements include some lesser known brands that you might not otherwise come across.

2. Wedding Ideas

This monthly release offers its readers dozens of spreads covering real-life weddings. Not only does it include these relatable features, but it also follows up each wedding story with ideas on how you might recreate the theme or ambiance on your own big day, without being too ‘copy-cat’.

3. Perfect Wedding

A handbag-sized publication, this upmarket magazine is perfect for looking at whilst on the go. You might like to put it in your bag to glance at on the train commute to work, or to flick through at your desk during your lunch break. While it is good in short bursts, it offers quite a lot to read so is worth the money.

4. You & Your Wedding

Like Perfect Wedding and Brides, this bridal magazine is not just focused on selling. It balances out advertisements with informative and useful articles. Saying that, you should take a look at what’s being featured inside by looking on the cover as it may not be worth your while to buy it unless it’s covering a topic you are particularly interested in.

5. Cosmopolitan Bride

This predominantly fashion-focused magazine offers inspirational photoshoots of wedding attire, including quality images of wedding gowns, men’s tailored suits, mother-of-the-bride outfits and flower girl dresses. As is the nature of this publication, don’t expect to find a riveting read amongst the images but do expect to see some glossy pages that won’t fail to impress visually.

These are all National publications, which is great for many, but not great for others.

Some of you may want a magazine more specific to where you live, or the county you are going to get married in. This then helps pick out local venues and suppliers to that area, and can help narrow down your search for things.

6. Your West Midlands Wedding Magazine

Each issue is packed with area specific features, venues in your area, real wedding stories and regular features such as wedding dress fashion, hair and make up styles, grooms fashion and honeymoons.

All titles have regular exciting competitions and giveaways too. This again is beneficial as most will entail winning something within your county.

Plus, they have an online section, and the magazine can be ordered online!

Look out for our lovely Warwick House on the back page too!

Are Bridal Magazines A Waste Of Money?

This all depends on your approach to magazine buying; if you are buying each edition of every bridal magazine all month-long, then yes you are probably overspending! However, if you invest £2.99 on a magazine every few weeks and manage to get some great money-saving tips from the articles and features, then you can easily recoup that expenditure.

Remember, if you want to get wedding ideas and advice but don’t want to pay out for magazines, then you can also take a look at the digital versions of each publication, read wedding blogs or use apps like Pinterest to get some inspiration.