Are you dreaming of a White Christmas… to give the illusion of a sophisticated winter wedding? If you are planning to get wed around this time next year, then you may be keen to find out how you can gain control of and reign in the budget.

Ideas For An Economy Winter Wedding

Hot Drinks Bar

Rather than putting money behind the bar at your venue for some people to abuse the gin, why not opt for a cheaper alternative with a hot beverages bar? You can still serve up wine or bubbly during the Reception but then keep the festive theme going into the evening with mulled wine, hot chocolate, teas and coffees on offer, all of which will sober up the crowd and give them that warm, fuzzy feeling in their tummies!

Not only will the absence of drunken antics save some embarrassment and a few hangovers, it will also prevent you from losing your deposit!

Seasonal Decorations

If you are keen to include some beautiful, shiny décor at your wedding but can’t afford to loosen the purse strings when it comes to accessories, then it may be time to get crafty. If you are good at bargain hunting, then get yourself onto auction sites or down to car boot sales and keep an eye out for anything that could potentially be transformed – candelabras, glass domes, cutlery, etc… – along with some wintry nature pieces like pine cones, leaves and twigs.

Once you have a good collection of items, get yourself down to your local DIY store and buy some metallic spray paint and get arty! Not only are the final masterpieces a fraction of the price of their purchased alternatives, it is also lovely to know that you made them with your own hands.

Cost-Effective Cakes and Cake Toppers

Cakes take up an extremely large part of your food budget, so why not look at cheaper versions of your favourite cake designs? The great thing about a Christmas theme is that you can get away with keeping it simple – even some plain white frosting on a cake can look surprisingly elegant as a blanket of snow. If you dare to take on such a task, you could even attempt to create your own wedding cake, splashing out a much smaller amount of cash on glitter, Christmas figurines and icing to dust your cake with.

To add the wow-factor to your inexpensive cake, look out for an attractive cake topper which can be found online, in cake shops, or by commissioning someone to create you a unique one. It may not be the icing on the cake, but it’ll top it off perfectly!

While these are just some ideas for you to think about, you can make savings in a number of different areas, especially when trying to achieve a rustic, Christmas-themed wedding. Take a look at our gallery for inspiration and consult our list of recommended suppliers to discover how you can keep the cost of your Winter wedding down and instead indulge in planning a reasonable yet enchanted big day.