Your wedding day is hopefully going to be one of the best, if not the best, day of your life. It is understandable that you want all of the details to be just so. Thinking about your venue, choosing your photographer and finding the perfect dress are all fundamental parts of your special day. One area that can be overlooked is how to choose your wedding shoes. You may be tempted to choose your shoes when you choose your dress, without getting them much more than a seconds thought. There are a number of factors to consider to help you know how to choose your wedding shoes:

Choose something special

It can be tempting to go for something plain, and a little less extravagant for your shoes. After all they will just be underneath your wedding dress all day. However, this isn’t always the case. Often a photographer will want to incorporate your accessories, including your shoes, in some of your photographs. Choose something special – treat yourself. This is your special day and you are worth it!

Consider having them dyed

Wearing a dress of an unusual colour? Going for something a little bit different? Consider having your shoes dyed. You should be able to find the perfect shoes, and then have this done. By having your shoes dyed you can ensure that you have the specific colour to match your colour theme. If it is good enough for the Queen then it is good enough for you on your special day!


Remember that you will be wearing them all day

When first trying on your shoes absolutely do not go for anything that pinches or feels uncomfortable from that first wear. You are going to be wearing these shoes all day and they need to be perfect. Choosing comfortable shoes ensures that you have a pair of shoes that are the perfect fit for you. Have them made to fit, if necessary, and make sure that you have your width measurements taken too before you purchase your shoes.

Wear the shoes in before your wedding day

By wearing your shoes for 30-60 minutes every day, for several weeks, you can begin to wear them in. Wear your wedding shoes on carpeted surfaces and avoid anything that is going to potentially damage the finish of your shoes. Keep them dry, and clean, for your Wedding day.


Think about the requirements of your venue

If you are going to be outside at times then choose your wedding shoes accordingly. Ensure that you take into consideration steps and any uneven terrain. It is better to have lower shoes, that you are comfortable in, than shoes which make you taller but could lead to an accident on your Wedding day. If you fall over on your wedding day people will likely assume you’ve drank too much, rather than you’ve chose inappropriate shoes. Don’t let that be the memory people take away from your special day!

Knowing how to choose your wedding shoes is just part of the act of perfecting your outfit. Make sure that you go with what you are comfortable with. While you will likely want dressy shoes, to match your beautiful dress, you don’t need to have a large heel, or shoes that pinch, to achieve the perfect look. Ensure that you are comfortable in your Wedding shoes and you will be grateful come the end of your special day! Nobody wants to start their honeymoon with blisters or pain from squeezing in the wrong size shoes.