To ensure that your wedding goes to plan and you stay looking flawless, it’s a great idea to have a an essential emergency wedding kit. This little bag of essentials will give you peace of mind and will help you to to look great throughout the most special day of your life. Here’s some suggestions what we think you should consider in having your essential emergency wedding kit.

Painkillers – It may be the biggest and most important day of your life, but it can also be a very stressful one. Being the focus of the day can bring with it a lot of pressure and that can sometimes mean headaches. Having some painkillers handy can really help your day go as well as it can.

Tissues – Tears feature a lot in weddings because it is such an emotional day. Whether it’s crying with happiness after the ceremony or your crying with laughter at the best man’s speech, having a ready supply of tissues is very handy to have


Face Wipes/Face Mist – Having some face wipes or a face mist close by can be a God send on your wedding day. They are great for cooling you down and helping you relax and can be really good when the party is in full swing at night.

Mints – Mouths can get very dry on a wedding day and there’s no better way to help this than by having some mints close by. They’re also good to have just before the ceremony so you can kiss your partner with a minty fresh breath.

Perfume – Like deodorant, having some perfume close by is a must to keep yourself smelling divine for your new partner and your guests.


Plasters – There’s lots of situations that may require plasters on your wedding day, but the most common reason is to use on your feet. Wedding shoes can begin to hurt after a while and if you are dancing the night away at your reception, plasters can really help your shoes stopping rubbing.

Deodorant – This goes without saying. Nerves can sometimes bring a bit of a sweat on so it’s a really good idea to have some deodorant or some body spray on hand to give yourself a bit of a refresh.

Emergency Makeup Bag – Having your makeup essentials close by is a really good idea and something that can help you feel confident throughout the day. Being able to quickly fix your makeup before the ceremony, before the wedding photos and before the reception is essential to you looking and feeling your best.


Fashion Tape – Falling hemlines? Plunging necklines? For a whole host of fashion emergencies, fashion tape is brilliant and such as useful item to have in your essential emergency wedding kit.

Sun Cream – If it is a particular hot day, you don’t want your wedding pictures ruined by your skin going red and blotchy with the heat. Having some sunscreen on hand will help you look your best in your wedding photos.