If you’re still at the initial stages of planning your wedding and haven’t yet settled on a date never mind a venue, then have you considered having a winter wedding? You may have your heart on getting married in the beautiful English sunshine (if you’re lucky) but if you want a really special day that everyone will remember them having a winter wedding can be a really good idea not just for your wedding day, but for your budget too! Below we take a look at some of the advantages of a winter wedding.

Get the wedding venue you want

Because summer is the wedding season, it stands to reason that it will be much more difficult to get the wedding venue of your choice in the summer months. By choosing a date in the winter months, you will open up a much bigger choice of venues which will help you get that little bit closer to the wedding of your dreams. You may also find that you can save a bit of money as rates may be reduced slightly as the demand is not as much as in summer. And when you plan for a wedding inside instead of outside, then the weather is a bonus! At Warwick House, our venue looks beautiful in the winter months, and can be dressed to suite your theme.


Get the wedding suppliers that you want

Just as it is easier to get the wedding venue that you want, it is easier to get the wedding suppliers that you want. All the best wedding suppliers will be busy in the summer and difficult to book, but you’ll find you will have much more choice if you choose a winter wedding. You may also be able to get a bit of a discount as they will not be as in-demand as during the summer months.


If it snows… your wedding photographs will look FAB

Of course, summer weddings are very nice and you can have some very nice photographs. But if you choose a winter wedding and are lucky enough to get snow on your big day then you will be guaranteed to have some amazing photographs. There is something about the snow and a white wedding dress that simply looks divine and you’ll have a set of pictures that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Even the rain makes for a fantastic photo, and umbrellas can look really fun in a wedding picture. You have to embrace the winter weather!


It’s easier to have a smaller wedding

Do you want a smaller wedding but are having difficulty in deciding who to and not to invite? Then by having a winter wedding, you can make a smaller wedding a bit more of a reality as some people will be more likely not to come to a winter wedding, especially if they are elderly or have to travel a significant distance. However…


It’s also easier to have a big wedding!

 Just as it can be easier to have a smaller wedding, it can also be easier to have a bigger wedding in the winter. Why? Because people aren’t as busy which means that you can in theory have a really big wedding! Having a good time at a winter wedding can also be a great way of cheering up those pre of post Christmas blues which could mean lots of guests saying yes to your invite!