Stephanie & Alistair’s Wedding 26th March


“Here is our story”

Where did you get engaged and how long had you been together before hand?

“My husband proposed to me in the hotel room on a weekend away. We had been together for four years at the time since we were 17! College sweethearts.”

How many venues did you visit before you chose Warwick House as your wedding venue?

“We only visited 2 other venues before seeing Warwick House and didn’t see a single one afterwards.”

How did you feel when you first visited Warwick House, did you know straight away that you wanted to get married here?

“We were both blown away with Warwick House as soon as we saw it. I knew straight away that it was the place I wanted to get married in. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it must have been the charm of the whole place that pulled me in. I loved the ceremony room and banqueting hall and the whole building itself oozed elegance.”

What was your first step of wedding planning? Venue search, dress shopping, choosing a date etc?

“We started looking for venues first but it was actually my dress that I bought first.”

How many months/years in advance did you book your special day?

“We took advantage of one of your last minute deals which was extreme value for money. it was just over three months that we had to plan our wedding!”

What was the hardest thing about planning your wedding day?

“Choosing the perfect music for our wedding day was the hardest part. With so many songs to choose from we wanted songs we liked but also with lyrics that meant something.”

What were the highlights of your day?

“It is hard to pick highlights but if I had to choose it would be when my Dad pulled out a trombone from underneath the top table and starting playing Crazy Little thing called love. Then my brother on the guitar, uncle on the baritone and cousin on the drums joined in. It meant a lot to me because my dad knew how much I liked it when something similar happened in Love Actually. It made everybody laugh and really added to the day.”

Do you have any advice for Bride and Grooms that are just starting their wedding plans?

“Ensure that you plan your day, how you want it. Family may disagree with a couple of things but in the end it is your day and you will remember it forever. Don’t stress and do it a step at a time. After all, I planned my wedding in three months.”

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