Wrong wedding lingerie could ruin the look of your wedding dress. From classic to shapewear, we help you find the best bridal underwear for your day here.

The importance of having the right bridal underwear

On your wedding day, every last detail is important. Not only is the right bridal underwear going to make you feel comfortable, but it’ll also help you to feel good. And nothing is sexier than confidence!

As much as you might like the idea of dressing up in something seductive on your wedding day, the playful bridal underwear may really have to wait for the bedroom on your wedding night – the chances are you will need something more practical to wear underneath on the day that will enhance your wedding dress silhouette.

Curious to know more about what wedding underwear can do for you? Here are some of your wedding lingerie questions answered.

When should you shop for wedding underwear?

Ultimately, your choice of wedding underwear will come down to your wedding dress style. This means that you can rule out buying any lingerie before you’ve shopped for your wedding dress (at least none that you will wear under your wedding gown).

Once you’ve picked out your bridal dress, it should become clear if you will need specific wedding undergarments or if you can shop for bras and briefs off the rail. The good news is that there are so many bridal underwear options out there, from covered-up chemises to barely-there thongs, so you are sure to find something suitable to wear under your bridal gown!

If shopping online, be mindful to leave plenty of time for shipping and remember that you may have to return and order an alternative if the bridal lingerie doesn’t meet your expectations.

Do you need to wear a bra under your wedding dress?

Different types of bras (strapless bra, backless bra, plunge bra, adhesive bra and long line bra, to list a few) serve many purposes, but you don’t have to wear one on your wedding day.

Ladies with smaller busts might find it more comfortable to go braless on their big day. Many wedding gowns are even designed with this shape in mind. For instance, some bohemian styles look best when worn loose and floaty, with what’s known as ‘side boob’ being their main attraction.

However, if your features are far too visible to pull off the ‘au naturel’ look, then you might need to shop for a garment best suited to your curves.

Some wedding dresses provide their own support by way of cups sewn into the fabric or structured corsets helping to keep everything where it should be. If you would like to maintain the illusion of a strapless dress or plunging neckline wedding dress but are afraid of revealing too much by not wearing a bra, then you might like to consider asking a seamstress to add some additional padding to the lining of your gown.

Is there any bra alternative support ideas for your wedding dress?

There are numerous alternatives to classic bras such as adhesive bras, nipple covers and body tape.

Stick on bras come in a range of fabric or silicone designs and have skin-friendly adhesive strips that attach them painlessly to your skin. Use these invisible bras to flatten, cover or push up your assets as necessary. Nipple covers can also help you to feel confident when not wearing a bra.

Double-sided fashion tape can additionally be used to fix your wedding dress in place all day and night.

What are the different types of bridal underwear?


Many women opt for classic bridal lingerie on their wedding day as it makes them feel feminine and desirable. So long as your wedding dress allows it, you can find some beautiful lace or embroidered underwear sets that will take you from day to night.

You can choose to express yourself with something racy or sensual that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear or stick with your favourite knickers! If you have room, then you can always wear a slip underneath your gown to conceal any risqué bridal lingerie.

Will you go down the traditional route and wear a garter along with something blue on your wedding day?


Seamless underwear is perfect for tight-fitting bridal gowns, especially those made from slinky materials like satin which cling to every line. So, if you don’t want the dreaded VPL, then some sleek seamless thong or briefs will do the trick.

A seamless bralette can enhance your natural physique while also being incredibly comfortable thanks to no wire or boning.


When we think of shapewear, we often go back to the infamous Bridget Jones scene (if you know, you know!). But new and improved bridal shapewear has moved away from the notorious ‘granny pants’ look and you can now get your hands on some rather pretty pieces of shaping underwear.

Whether you are looking for sculpting underpants or full tummy-sucking bodies, you’ll no doubt find something that will define your curves and make you look and feel fabulous.

What’s more, bridal shapewear comes in various shapes, colours and textures.

Top tips for selecting your bridal lingerie

You should take care when you choose your wedding underwear as there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on your wedding day… nobody wants a ‘wedgie’ as they walk down the aisle!

Get measured and find the perfect bra

Going for a professional fitting ensures you get the best underwear set for you. You want your bridal lingerie to fit like a glove so, if you can, visit a lingerie store where they will know exactly how to measure you properly and can suggest options for the best style and fit.

Take a photo of your wedding dress

Whether visiting a dedicated lingerie shop or your local department store, take a photo of your wedding dress as it’s very easy to forget details such as how wide the straps are or how deep the neckline is.

Match wedding lingerie to your skin

Brides often forget that the key to finding the best wedding underwear is to find a set that is the closest match to your skin tone. You want it to imitate your flesh, not your wedding dress!

This will help to blur out your wedding undergarments and ensure that, no matter how see-through your wedding dress is, your silhouette appears smooth and natural.

Budget for quality wedding undergarments

Finally, we suggest that you put aside a budget of £50-£150 for the best bridal lingerie.