Engaged couples across the UK have faced challenges with planning weddings in the past year. Whilst weddings are soon to return to normal, there is a chance that international holidays may still be on hold for a little while. However, just because you can’t have your honeymoon abroad, doesn’t mean you need to miss out on a special honeymoon altogether. Give yourself something amazing to look forward to after your wedding, with our recommendations on the best staycation honeymoon destinations.

Travelling abroad

As hopeful as we all were, it has come as no big surprise that travelling across borders this year is not going to be possible. And even if our borders reopen in autumn/winter, we doubt that you will want the worry of booking a honeymoon abroad and being faced with a cancellation.

So, even though a holiday with cocktails and a pool may seem a million miles away at the moment, we are here to prove that you can find some fantastic staycation honeymoon destinations right here in the UK.

Benefits of a staycation honeymoon

Staycations don’t have to be second best. In fact, there are so many good reasons to have your honeymoon in the UK;

  1. Save money –  We‚Äôre not saying that all British honeymoons are cheaper than a European getaway, but you can certainly find some great deals, especially out of season.
  1. Less time travelling – Staying close to home means that you can less spend time travelling and more time enjoying yourselves. With your dream cottage just a couple of hours away, you could set off on a Thursday evening and be back Sunday night ready for work the next day!
  1. Less hassle РStaying local can be far less hassle than travelling abroad when you consider things such as booking flights, looking for transfers, exchanging money, studying your phrasebook and so on…

Our top 5 UK Honeymoon Destinations

Whether it’s a rural cottage you’re after, a modern apartment overlooking the capital, or a seaside hut, a UK honeymoon can provide all of these options for you.

1. The Artist Studio

If you are longing for a luxury cottage escape with your loved one, then head on over to Boutique Retreats to find properties like the one listed here.

1.3 miles East of St Agnes in Cornwall,  this wonderful cottage sleeps two in one bedroom and ‘is just perfect for those wanting to hide away from the world Рa peaceful escape to feed your soul’.

2. Eathelin

Situated in Worcestershire, this one bedroom, two bathroom, treehouse has a 5 star rating and equally impressive views.

The romantic space gives you peace and tranquillity with acres of grounds around you as well the opportunity to stargaze from the amazing hot tub. Head to Holiday Cottages to discover more about this magical destination!

A G&T and hot tub bubbles is almost a match to a cocktail by the pool, is it not?!

3. Notting Hill apartment

For a touch of luxury, there’s nothing quite like heading into the city and seeing the sights that represent our country.

This stunning apartment in the popular area of Notting Hill will leave you feeling like a visitor as you fall in love with the capital and your other half – just like Julia Roberts in the star-studded film! As per the listing, it is ‘the perfect place for those who want to experience a fancy, bright and quiet stay but at the same time with good connection to the city center buzz.’

Be sure to take a trip to the sensational Portobello Road!

4. Inkwell Cottage

Located in The Cotswolds, this rural cottage built from trademark local stone is a vision, as are the surroundings. With climbing roses and two chimneys, it is a picture-perfect getaway for those looking for a cosy autumnal retreat.

Imagine sitting snuggled up by a roaring fire, taking the dogs for long, crisp walks, eating pub grub takeaways and generally getting away from the hustle and bustle of normal home life. You may never want to leave!

5. Amberley Castle

Situated in West Sussex, not far from London, this 11th-century castle has heaps of history and bags of character. It is the perfect location for history lovers and those who love quirky things.

The rooms have all been decorated to reflect the castle’s history, meanwhile, the site is still enclosed by a 60ft wall –that is one way to close yourself off from the real world!

We hope you have been left feeling inspired by our choice of staycation honeymoon destinations. You can be as creative as you like – Great Britain really does have a variety of genuinely great places to stay!