It is quite amazing that an entire day – and a significant moment in time – can all come together thanks to something so simple: a colour theme.

So, how do you settle on the right palette for your wedding day, bearing in mind, of course, that every tiny detail (from the colour of ribbon on your ‘save the date’ cards to the colour of the flowers in your bouquet) will come back to this very important choice?

Let us give you some ideas to play about with, all of which are sure to be popular choices for couples in 2020!

Blush and Rose Gold

There’s no denying the fact that blush (also described as dusky or dusty pink) scores highly on the popularity list for weddings at the moment. But, by bringing in a metallic tone, you can really make your wedding stand out from the rest. Pinks alone can come across a tad outdated, but with the help of some modern, geometric features like a rose gold or copper arch as a backdrop, or even metallic lanterns or table displays, then you can give your wedding more of a sophisticated ‘art-deco’ feel.

Terracotta and Browns/Greens

People tend to shy away from terracotta as it can seem a little bland, but believe us when we say that an earthy, rustic wedding with terracotta touches can be incredibly beautiful. Think cool, hippie chic and you’re there! Imagine wild flowers teamed with brown grasses, organic linen tablecloths topped with log slices and a simply iced cake decorated with forest fruits… it’s the boho wedding of dreams!

Grey and Silver

If someone said to you twenty years ago that they were planning to have an all-grey wedding, you’d probably have shuddered at the thought of such a gloomy colour choice. But, fast-forward a couple of decades, and now grey is one of the trendiest themes out there! Grey doesn’t have to mean dull. Adding glimmers of silvery light, touches of shiny grey fabric and lots of white flowers can make grey pop more than you could ever think possible. What’s more, grey flowers are quite unique and add a certain elegance to floral displays with their delicate hues.

Blue, Blue and more Blue!

Said to be the colour of the year, according to Pantone, classic blue is so versatile. Whether you want to pick your choice of blue and go down the glam route, with sequins and silver-toned features, or you want to tone it down with dusky tones to give it a more natural feel, blue is certainly a flattering colour in its many guises. Though blue weddings haven’t quite taken off as of yet, we think that this year will be the year for the cool colour, no matter what colour you choose to team it with!

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