During the build up to your wedding, everyone will surely be asking you ‚Äúare you nervous?‚Äù. And while they are probably focused on the part when you say ‚ÄúI do‚Äù, anyone who has been a part of a bridal party will know that it is what comes after that is the most daunting thing of all… No, were not talking about marriage!

The speeches, however, are renowned for causing even the calmest of grooms to break a sweat! What’s more, you guys cannot relax until after this important job is complete, which means that as guests are filling their bellies, you are probably getting a feeling in the pit of your stomach!

Being well-organised can help to ease your discomfort and stop you from messing up this vital step. Here’s a bit of information about the speech givers at a conventional wedding and what they would usually discuss in their statement to the crowd.

Father of the bride’s speech

Do you get on well with your wife’s family or have you struggled to impress from day one? If you aren’t sure yet then this is undoubtedly the day you will find out her father’s true feelings towards you!

The father of the bride’s speech gives him an opportunity to tell the world how wonderful his daughter is, and how immensely proud he is of her achievements. Whether finding love with you is up there as one of them in his opinion may be up fir debate but you can rest assured that he won’t want to embarrass his little girl.

There are likely to be tears all round after this often very sentimental speech!

Groom’s speech

Having already vowed to love and to cherish your new wife, you’d be inclined to think that there’s not much more to say… Of course, there is!

As the groom, you should never tire of telling your spouse how beautiful she looks, not just today but everyday. The bonus is that doing so in front of everyone during the wedding speeches is sure to earn you some brownie points (not to mention a few female admirers).

Aside from showering your bride with love and adoration, there are a few must haves in every groom’s speech. Traditionally, the groom passes on his gratitude to both sets of parents for making the day possible (once again, here’s your chance to get some son-in-law points by flattering your new in-laws!).

He also thanks the men who have been by his side during the course of the day and reiterates how radiant the bridesmaids look in their dresses. The groom may, if he so wishes, pay respects to friends and family who could not be there to join in the celebrations on behalf of him and his bride.

Best man’s speech

Now for the dreaded best man’s speech…

If done right, this speech can take guests on a journey from horror to hilarity yet still leave them with a heartfelt message. Putting in some funny stories which will leave the groom red-faced is encouraged but make sure that your best man knows that there is a line he must not cross (for instance, you may not wish for your mother and father-in-law to know about your antics on your recent stag do!).

It is commonly thought that the best man should pass on thanks to the parents, the bridesmaids, the rest of the bridal party along with those who helped to make the day happen (i.e. wedding planner, caterers, florists, etc…).

More important than making the crowd giggle at the groom’s expense is for the best man to point out what an amazing unit his friend and his new wife make and to ask the guests to join him in raising a glass to the happy couple.

It is also becoming more and more common for other members of the bridal party to give a speech and share their stories. So don’t be afraid to break from tradition and invite others to give a toast if they’re feeling willing.