It’s early days, but you’re trying to think what is best for your wedding reception: a disco or some live music? There are many things to consider – the space, the time of day, the time of year, the number of guests, your personal music preferences, and so on. Here, we’ll run through just some of the advantages of opting for a DJ for the night or having a band perform.

Boogie On Down With Disco Fever!

Many couples choose to have a DJ entertain their guests during the evening reception, and here’s why!

A DJ will play a variety of music:

Disc Jockeys are perfect if you have a wide age range attending your wedding as they’ll be able to play modern tunes as well as some of the old classics. You can expect a DJ to play songs from the 80’s through to modern day, covering a range of styles.

A DJ can do a long set:

Unlike a live performer, a professional DJ won’t get as tired so can play his or her music for a longer period of time. Offer them a drink or two while they’re at the booth too and they’ll be happy for the night!

A DJ will read the crowd:

If your man or woman is a pro, they will feed off of the response they get from the crowd. For instance, if the guests are loving a bit of Jackson 5, then they’ll play a couple of golden oldies to keep everyone grooving for as long as possible. Similarly, if a record clears the dancefloor, then they know to change it up for the next song!

A DJ can play requests:

On a similar note, a DJ will have access to a huge catalogue of songs so may be open to playing requests on the night. Furthermore, you will be able to ask for your own special songs prior to the reception which he or she will then dedicate to you on the night.

Rave It Up With A Live Band!

You don’t have to have a festival themed wedding in a field to be able to hire a live band. Here are some of the benefits of having real-life performers on stage at your wedding…

Some bands are fantastic tribute acts:

If you and your other half are fond of a particular band or you fell for each other as your eyes met across a busy concert arena, then you might like to celebrate this love by referencing your special music on the big day. Who will it be? Queen, Take That, One Direction, maybe?

  • If you choose to type up your cards, make them more personal by hand-signing them.

Live performers encourage audience participation:

Depending on the act you choose, your singer(s) or musician(s) will probably find it easy to get everyone clapping along to the beat. They might even find a few merry guests who are up for joining them on-stage before the night is over!

Live music is cool:

Finally, what could be a cooler end to your wedding day than having a unique, live music experience for all to enjoy? The pictures of everyone jumping or bopping along will surely make for fun wedding photograph memories and everyone will be talking about the evening for a long time to come.

We’ve got a few of our own favourite entertainers featured on our recommended suppliers list just in case you are on the lookout for performers!