Are you after some original ideas for wedding favours? Something that will be more than just a gift to take home, but will also provide entertainment and a topic for conversation on the day?

Here is a guide to some of the most exciting and engaging wedding favours we’ve come across in our time which will leave everyone talking and giggling across the tables!

Truth or dare fortune cookies

Who doesn’t love a game of truth or dare? And what better way to break the ice with guests who don’t know each other all that well! These fun fortune cookies contain questions or cues for people to interact with, such as daring them to ‘high five’ everyone at their table or encouraging them to share stories about their relationship with the bride or groom! Depending on your humour (and that of your guests), you could make the instructions as hilarious as you wish!

Name-tagged scratch cards

Wedding favours are more costly than you think. It’s  hard to purchase any gift for £1 or less, so if you have 200 guests then why not spend your pounds wisely and get hold of a scratch card for every one of your guests. What’s exciting about this present is that you can guarantee that at least one of your dozens of guests is going to get a nice win – and the guests can interact with one another as they excitedly share their news! You can get individualised card sleeves by contacting a designer on Etsy or a similar selling site.

Hangover kit

As much as the guests will be willing themselves to behave, there’s always one or two who will fall at the last hurdle and get a little too drunk at the wedding reception. Provide your guests with a hangover kit including a tea bag, coffee sachet and multivitamin, for example. We’ve seen some fab ideas such as throwing in an eraser to help them rub out all the embarrassing things done the night before and a penny so that they can say they didn’t spend all their money at the wedding! The kit might also help some to let their hair down.

Custom shot glasses

If you have a smaller number of guests then you might like to provide them with a more personal gift. Shot glasses are a great gift as, even if you are all too old to drink shots, they are a fantastic keepsake and don’t take up too much room in the cupboard! To make them more fun, you can even add funny messages or nicknames that will make the guests chuckle to themselves and have to explain themselves to those around them.

We hope these ideas will give you some inspiration when planning what to give your guests. Wedding favours don’t have to be a necessity of wedding planning, when given some thought they can provide a highlight of the day for many that will be remembered for a very long time! Take a look at our Finishing Touches page for more inspiration for your special day.