What wedding dress style is best for my body type?

As you may already have learned from previous fashion trends, not all garments suit every female shape. Below, we have listed the most common body shapes and what style of dress is best suited to them.

Pear– Here, we are talking about women with hips wider than their bust. To make the best of your womanly figure, don’t hide your lower body underneath a loose-fitting dress, as this can make you look larger than you are. Embrace your curves and opt for dresses in a fishtail style which will accentuate your nipped in waist and highlight your hips.

Hourglass– Much like the very desirable pear shape, a woman with an hourglass figure will usually have curves down below which are balanced out by a fuller bust. To flatter that voluptuous shape, wear a dress that oozes femininity such as one with a sweetheart neckline or a flared skirt. Corset back works extremely well too – just think of female icons like Marilyn Monroe.

Apple– Sometimes referred to as ‘oval’ shaped, these women will have a significant bust and midsection but with narrow hips and slender limbs. To give your upper body more definition, look out for straight or ever-so-slightly flared skirts with vertical detailing.

Straight– For those of you non-curvy individuals with a sporty physique, don’t risk making your upper body look bulky with a strapless dress. Instead, create the illusion of a shapelier figure by going for a full skirt and an angled neckline.

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Don’t fall into one of these categories? You can still find your perfect wedding dress style!

Of course, all bodies are different so there is no need to worry if you don’t have what is seen as a conventional female figure.

For instance, you may have an ‘inverted triangle’ shape, which means that your shoulders are proportionally larger than your hips. Furthermore, you may be tall with a flat chest or even petite with a large bust.

Regardless of your body shape, if you go to the right bridal shops and try on a variety of styles, you will find ‘the one’!

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Alternative wedding dress styles

Conventionally, the bride wears white or ivory on her wedding day, but have you ever considered mixing it up and opting for, let’s say, a blush dress?

If you are really confident, then why not break with tradition entirely and wear a bright-coloured dress that goes with your chosen wedding theme? Going bold could brighten up your wedding day even more than your radiant bridal glow and help to bring your true personality to light in your photographs!

Whether pear, hourglass, apple or straight in shape, your dream gown will wow your guests as you walk down the aisle to your husband-to-be!

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