Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, effort and thought to make it a day to remember. From choosing wedding invites to the dress or the colour scheme there is a lot to do therefore it is a great idea to get your nearest and dearest involved in the preparation. This can not only be a big help it can also save money and make your day very personal. So here are our top tasks to give your family and friends.

Get crafty! There are so many elements of a wedding that can be done by utilising peoples talents that can save you a small fortune and provide that special touch. So, if you know a friend or family member that is a little crafty why not ask them to help? Simple personalised invites can look great and save you a pretty penny, or why not gather your bridesmaids for a night in to make your wedding favours? Jam jars filled with sweets make lovely treats for your table, can be put together without much fuss and can be done whilst sipping prosecco – sounds like a fun night in to us!

Do you have a musical friend or family member? Then why not ask them to perform on your big day? Good entertainment is often hard to find and can very expensive so instead of asking them to buy you a gift why not insist they sing a couple of songs instead? This could be as you walk down the aisle or maybe as a first dance ballad? What a way to personalise your big day that would be!

Readings are often a lovely way to incorporate friends or family members into your day. If you choose a religious service, they may read a passage from the bible or if you are going for a humanist ceremony then there are plenty of lovely readings or poems available. In the event they are a gifted writer why not ask them to write something for you both?

Many people are taken aback at the cost of a wedding cake and have no idea how much they need or if it will even get eaten so if you know someone that has a talent in baking then ask away! You must keep in mind that baking ingredients are expensive so either offer to pay or ask for it as your wedding gift. Keep the idea simple unless they are at Mary Berry in the making and try to set realistic expectations. Cupcake towers can be easier to put together and taste just as good so discuss what they are comfortable with and make sure you are both happy with the task at hand.

Get the guest book filled out! Many couples buy a gorgeous guest book and leave it on the table hoping people will sign it with a special message. It can often be left blank as by the time your guests have sunk a few glasses of fizz they have likely forgotten. So, it may be an idea to ask someone you trust to go around your guests encouraging them to leave you a nice message!

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