Feeling a bit anxious and nervous about you and your bride’s big day? It’s understandable, the clues in the name, it’s a big day and an especially big day for your bride-to-be. It can also be anxiety inducing thinking that you are going to be the centre of attention all-day in front of all of your friends, families and loved ones. Whether you’re anxious about meeting people, public speaking, or simply being on display, help is at hand below which will help you quench this wedding nerves and ensure you enjoy your wedding day.

Remember it’s a wedding, not a performance

There’s a temptation for many grooms (and brides too) to see their wedding day as a performance. After all, like a play or a show, all eyes are on you. This way of thinking can really get the nerves going and make you both anxious and fearful of your big day. The Fact is however, it is not a performance. A performance is staged and those attending have high expectations.

Those people who are attending your wedding however have just one expectation, to see you and your bride make a commitment to each other showing your love for one another. So don’t worry about if you make a mistake during the day, chances are no-one will notice and no-one will care if they do.

Everyone is on your side

If you think about it, every single person there on your big day will be there on your side. Whether you trip up, forget a line or get mixed up as to what you are supposed to be doing, they’ll be right behind you willing you on. These are your loved ones, your family and your friends. When it comes to it, what they will take from the day is the memory of your happy union. They will go home talking about how lovely the meal was, how romantic the occasion, how great the two of you looked; not the brief moment where it looked like you weren’t sure what to do next.

Practice, practice, practice

There are a few parts of your wedding such as the weather of which you have no control. You can’t ensure that you’re going to have a beautiful sunny day so there’s not much point worrying about it. However, there are some parts of your big day that you can control. Your vows and your speech for example. You may be dreading speaking in public but the fact is you can get over this fear through sheer practice. The more you rehearse these kinds of things, the more confident you become and the more you will begin to relax about your wedding.

Ask for advice

If you’ve made the very savvy decision of working with a wedding planner, then they are always there to offer advice and guidance. Having someone who’s not directly involved in the wedding to be able to speak to is of great use, and their knowledge and understanding can really help quell your nerves and help you enjoy the lead-up to your big day.