We’ve all heard of the term bridezilla, the ridiculously spoiled bride who thinks she is the centre of the universe because the wedding day is all about her and she HAS to get everything that she wants. But have you heard of the bridesmaidzilla? This is where one of your bridesmaids gets so wrapped up in the wedding she begins to think that it is all about her and starts to completely take control of things and making totally unrealistic demands. Want to know if your bridesmaid is a bridesmaidzilla? Check out these warning signs!

She Will Only Consider Trying On Dresses She Has Chosen…

It’s bad enough having to go through the whole decision making processes to choose your own dress, so the last thing you need is for someone to start creating problems when choosing your bridesmaid’s outfits. By refusing to only try on dresses that she has chosen not only puts you in an awkward position but also annoys all the other bridesmaids as she is basically dictating what they will have to wear. This sort of clash of egos is not good for the health of your wedding!

She Wants To Wear White Too….

Some bridesmaid zillas want to wear white too, so they can ‘twin’ with the bride. This may sound like a nice idea at first but it’s not. There’s a very serious and more sinister idea behind it and it is that she wants to take some of the attention off you. Bridesmaid Zillas can be very demanding about things like this and it is up to you to stay strong and lay the law down and tell her what she has to wear.


She Wants To Invite People You Don’t Know 

This REALLY is a sign that you have a bridesmaidzilla on your hands and something you really need to deal with as soon as it is brought up. Wanting to invite people to your wedding that you don’t know is a clear sign that she wants the day to be about her. If you succumb to her demands on this, who knows how far she will go in taking over your wedding day?


She Thinks You Should Be Really Grateful For Everything That She Does 

Is your bridesmaid incredibly needy yet constantly demands thanks from you for the things she is doing for you (even though they make you tear your out?) If so, you’ve definitely got a bridesmaidzilla on your hands. The best bridesmaids don’t expect constant praise and thanks, they just get on with things and try to make you have the best and biggest day of your life.

Woman in bunny ears drinking champagne in limo

If any of your bridesmaids are displaying this type of behaviour then you could well have a bridezilla on your hands. If you have more than one bridesmaid exhibiting this behaviour then you could very well have a complete disaster on your hands as their respective egos are going to come into conflict at some point. Our advice? Make it very clear that it is your wedding, it’s up to you what goes on and if they don’t like it, then maybe they should reconsider their position. Sometimes tough love is necessary to ensure nothing spoils your big day.