If you have been invited to a wedding, deciding on an outfit is the most important decision you’re going to have to make about the day. It’s a decision that takes a lot of thought and no little coordination with your friends.

Men have it easy, get the suit out of the wardrobe, brush it down, clean their shoes and off they go. Girls have a lot more thinking to do. That’s why we wrote this post. If you have received a wedding invitation, these are the ten things you don’t want to wear.

1. A white dress

You would think not wearing a white dress as a wedding guest would be obvious right? Wrong. You would be amazed at the number of women who choose white as a guest. Summer is worst, as there are hundreds of on-trend white dresses in the shops.

It’s sometimes hard to remember just why you need the dress in the first place when you’re in the throes of dress shopping. If you remember only one of these tips, let it be this one.

2. Denim

Unless you’re attending a cowboy themed wedding, leave the jeans and the denim at home. Even the most relaxed wedding isn’t a place for jeans unless the happy couple have specifically asked for them.

3. Shorts

Even if you have the legs and derriere like Kylie Minogue, shorts are not a good look at a wedding. Even in summer, even at the most casual of weddings, shorts are just not good on such a day. There are smarter and more elegant things to wear to a wedding so there should be no reason to wear shorts.

4. Crop tops

Showing some skin at a wedding is fine as long as decorum is maintained. Showing miles of midriff at your friend’s wedding isn’t the way to go. Save it for a Saturday night or a day out with your friends, but be careful with the flesh you show on their wedding day.

5. Sheer

Done tastefully, a sheer blouse over something tasteful may look okay. If you’re planning on something see-through over a bra, that’s not a look most brides would want to see on their day. Keep it elegant and restrain the urge to show your body. A wedding is all about the bride, not about the guests.

6. Minidresses

The rule here is much the same as it is with shorts. You may have fantastic legs or have been working on your tan, but there is a time and a place. The minidress may look fantastic when around town, or on the beach but a wedding isn’t the place to wear them.

7. T-shirts

It doesn’t matter whether the t-shirt is Armani or George at Asda, a wedding is not the place to wear it. Even the smartest t-shirt is a little too casual for even the most casual of weddings. The only exception is if you’re planning to wear a nice jacket over the top. The it might be okay.

8. Branded clothing

It’s great that you can afford a designer outfit or something made to support a team or sport. But anything with big brands printed on them is a real no-no. Keep it toned down, keep it subtle and you’ll be fine.

9. Anything bright

Standing out like a flame in the dark while watching a wedding ceremony isn’t a good look and isn’t going to impress the bride. Keep colours sensible and you’ll be much more in keeping with the occasion. There are millions of colours to choose from, just keep the luminosity sensible!

10. Anything too tight

The same can be said for anything tight-fitting. If it’s in keeping with a wedding outfit, then all is good. If you’re wearing skin tight trousers, a dress that clings to everything or a top that shows the world when you’re cold, it’s not a look that’s going to ingratiate yourself with the other wedding guests.

Choosing your wedding outfit should be quite straightforward. All you have to do is put yourself in the shoes of the bride and think about what she would want to see on her big day. Anything likely to annoy, offend or outshine her is a really bad idea. The rest is up to your own sense of time and place.