If you live more in the moment and are less about tradition then wedding planning can be a challenge. It can also be exciting, interesting, intriguing and fun too!

Wedding themes are generally split between two distinct genres. You have the traditional wedding on one side that still manages to be fantastic no matter how old it may be. In the other, you have the modern that changes and adapts as fashion and society changes.

Some weddings will stick firmly with one side or another while some will very successfully mingle the two. Today’s blog post is for those who like the modern or a mixture of both.

Wedding theming is something some little girls will begin dreaming of around age 8. Not all will begin planning their own wedding quite so young, so it may be more of a challenge when the time comes. The good thing about choosing a theme now is that there has never been so much choice!

So without further ado, here are our five hottest wedding themes of 2014!

Back to nature

The woodland or organic themed wedding broke cover last year with great effect. This year it’s going to be even bigger. Think trees, greenery, wildflowers, homemade cakes, organic buffets, outdoor weddings, pavilions, fire, candlelit entrances and a much more natural approach.

This kind of wedding theme is much more suited to spring and summer but could work in any season with the right preparation. Swapping huge flowers for wildflower arrangements or greenery is going to be big. As are faux fur decorations, long gowns, mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses and flower crowns.

If you can combine natural with romantic, it’s going to make for a fantastic wedding day!


Talking of romance, romantic wedding themes are going to be huge this year too. That means warm colours, lots of roses, candles, string quartets and romantic country houses.

If you can have a country house as a reception venue, that’s going to be right on-trend. As are flower petals, candles as table decorations, balcony appearances and roses everywhere. A romance theme usually lends itself to pinks, purples, reds and traditional white so will work with a lot of other choices you will make.

Coloured roses as centrepieces will be a big mover this year. As will flowered arm decorations and roses featuring in bouquets.


If you’re feeling brave or have a natural flair for the dramatic then 2014 is a great year to get married!

Theatrical venues, bold decoration, huge open fires and other statements are going to be a big wedding theme this year. One aspect of this is the bold colour. Cleverly integrated into a neutral or subtle colour scheme, the bold statement colour in the middle of everything is a trend that’s only going to get bigger.

Think sumptuous surroundings, big fires, huge flowers, jewelled wedding dresses and long gowns all round. Then add a signature bright colour to draw the eye. A large red or purple rose in the centre of your bouquet or bold nail varnish and lipstick to highlight a subtly beautiful wedding dress that is echoed among your attendants.


As a race, the British have always been more accepting of eccentricity and quirkiness than many of our global cousins. This is going to be reflected this year in an increase in quirky weddings.

In this context, a quirky wedding could include a double-decker bus as wedding transport, wellies as wedding shoes, unusual wedding ceremony locations, pet-friendly weddings, hand-painted cakes, wildflowers, flower crowns and much more.

As long as the quirky theme works for everyone involved, creates the kind of wedding you’re going to be happy with and that your guests can buy into, the world really is your oyster.


Running counter to the quirky wedding theme, traditional is coming back in a big way. While never really out of fashion, we saw departures from tradition such as outdoor weddings, finger food instead of sit-down meals and modern touches that split demonstrably from tradition.

We mentioned at the beginning that the two camps of a wedding can mix it up with the best of them and this is true here. We are finding more requests for a formal sit-down meal as part of a reception than posh burgers or buffet finger food this year. Other venues are reporting the same.

We are also being asked more for uniformed waiting staff, masters of ceremony and other traditional touches. We predict traditional is going to be a big thing this year.

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