Setting the date is one of the most important elements of your entire wedding. It influences the dress, the venue, the type of wedding you can have, the theme, transport and so much more.

“When’s the wedding” is also the first question most people ask when you show them the ring, so it pays to have an answer ready when they do!

Selecting the right time of year, month, or day is all about personal preference. The sooner you can decide when it right for you, the sooner you can begin making bookings and the all-important announcement.

Let’s break down the options for your wedding date to give you an idea of what to consider.

Time of year

The season you choose to hold your wedding will have a big influence on it. Each season offers a completely different quality to a wedding and will sway many decisions.

Winter weddings can be beautiful, but offer challenges such as weather, warmth and accessibility. Spring weddings can capture some of that happy atmosphere of new life and growth, but can be wet and unpredictable when it comes to weather.

Summer weddings are most popular and for good reason. It’s when we’re most likely to get good weather, although that’s never guaranteed. The main challenge with a summer wedding is getting the bookings.

Autumn weddings offer a huge wealth of colour and characterful weddings. If you love rich colours, this is the time of year for you!


Once you have an idea of the time of year you would like to get married, you can narrow it down a bit further by choosing a month. There are lots of considerations to be made here including school holidays, work schedules, weather conditions and popularity.

For example, March and April aren’t good times for accountants or those in business as it’s the end of the financial year. Summer is best for anyone who works in education, manufacturing has downtime in December and winter is also the best time for anyone who works outdoors.

The other factor with choosing a wedding date is popularity. If you’re going to choose a popular month, say in summer, you’re going to have to book early so you can get the venue you want on the day.


Not so long ago, the only real option for a wedding was a Saturday. That meant competition was fierce for Saturday weddings in summer which left many couples bitterly disappointed or having to change the date.

Recently, there has been a shift to midweek weddings. More flexible working hours and a strong demand for the weekends has encouraged many happy couples to choose midweek.

There are two distinct advantages to midweek weddings. One, availability. More venues and more suppliers are available during the week. Two, cost. Many wedding suppliers offer significant discounts for midweek weddings. Our own venues offer exceptional discounts for midweek weddings, so we know all about that!

The main downside to a weekday wedding is the guests. Not everyone can take days off, not everyone is available during a working week. Consideration will need to be taken if that’s the case for you.

Public holidays

Valentine’s Day has to be one of the most popular wedding dates of all time. It’s a day already steeped in romance, so what better day to tie the knot right? Alternative wedding days include summer or winter solstices, Halloween or bank holiday weekends.

If a specific holiday has a significance for you, or if you want your guests to have an extra “free” day after your wedding, you know what to do.


It’s always advisable to check with your ceremony and reception venues to make sure there are no special constraints on any particular day. Religious observance may prevent a church from performing a wedding on a given day for example.

Check well in advance when you initially discuss your wedding with the venues in question and they will advise you of any potential issues you may come across.

Choosing your wedding date is influenced by many things. We hope this high-level overview has given you some idea of the thought that has to go into such a decision. However, it’s also important to remember that it’s your wedding, so you have it whenever you like!