Become The Ultimate Autumn Bride

With October already here, autumn is very much upon us. If you’re planning a wedding, this changeable season can present problems. Not least of which, do you plan for warm or cold?

The last couple of autumns have been mild with some very warm and sunny days. What was once a dull and dreary prelude to winter is now a welcome extension to summer. That’s one reason why many brides are planning their weddings in September and October now instead of the traditional June, July and August.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the how to become the ultimate autumn bride.

Autumn Colours

Autumn is a fantastic time in nature. It’s full of rich oranges, reds and browns and is an active time of year for wildlife. These colours translate well into wedding themes, with orange, copper, gold, brown and red offering a lot of fashion freedom for the modern bride.

Fortunately, these colour complement a wide range of skin tones and hair colours. That makes planning your wedding just a tiny bit easier, especially if you have a number of bridesmaids.

Autumn colours are warm and comfortable too, offering that relaxing, snuggling feeling. Include that in your wedding for a very effective theme.

Autumn Flowers

Autumn offers a lot of scope for wedding flowers too. You could stick to traditional flowers such as gerbera, gladioli, hydrangea or delphinium, or go for full autumn and use berries. Each can be combined with greenery to make for a rich and colourful arrangement on tables, in your hair or as a bouquet.

Many summer flowers are still around in September and there is absolutely nothing wrong with using them if you can find nice examples. You can combine summer and autumn colours to create a look that combines the seasons and shows them both off at their best.

Autumn Wedding Dresses

It isn’t just the wedding dress that can look great with an autumn theme, the bridesmaids and groom can look good too. Now the season is milder, you can go strapless, full, sleeveless, or something completely different. You can also elect for luxurious fabrics if you want a nod towards winter.

You don’t have to have a velvet dress, you could have velvet stole, gloves or a thick satin jacket to make the look. The changeable nature of autumn offers a lot of freedom when choosing your wedding theme, which is why we like it so much!

The men can also embrace the autumn wedding theme with rich colours for their waistcoats, cummerbunds or buttonholes. They could even use velvet or thick silk as a material to add a little luxury to proceedings.

Autumn Wedding Food

While the days during autumn may be milder than ever before, there is still a distinct chill in the air in the morning and evening. That means your wedding breakfast should be warm and hearty and your even buffet be the same.

A full breakfast, warm porridge, hot toast, tea and coffee are all great ways to start the day. Not only do they help settle the nerves and the stomach, they give you the energy to make it to the wedding breakfast.

For the wedding breakfast, it’s possible to offer roast dinners, mix with autumn puddings such as crumbles, fruit pies and puddings to keep everybody warm after the sun goes down.

For your even buffet why not offer a hog roasts or other warm food, to keep everyone’s energy levels up for the evening ahead

Autumn also gives you the opportunity to offer mulled wine or sloe gin as an option for drinks too, which is always fun!

Autumn Wedding Venues

After the rush of the summer season, some venues may reduce their prices during autumn. You may also find that a few venues have increased availability, making it easier than ever to find your dream wedding venue.

It’s important that any venue you choose has indoor space and somewhere for people to congregate if it’s wet. Most good venues will have a hall or something inside for if it gets cold or the heavens open so ensure it will be available for you should you need it.

Any wedding venue that has usable outside space for warmer days would be a great bet. Not only can you coordinate your wedding outfits with the backdrop of the autumnal changes, it offers an early sunset if the weather and timings allow, which is great news for your wedding photographs.

Autumn Honeymoons

Autumn is a great time to go on holiday. The schools are back, the scorch of the summer is over and there are some great deals to be had before the winter sun prices come out.

Choose somewhere warm and balmy or a city break, tropical sunshine or winter somewhere, the choice really is yours. Just ensure you’re not in rainy or storm season in your chosen destination, as autumn can bring some severe weather in some regions.

Autumn is a great time to get married. You can experience all the benefits of late summer without the hassle or expense. You can experiment with rich colours, luxurious fabrics and imaginative themes and not look out of place. Autumn really is a great time of year!

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