Planning your wedding from scratch can feel like you have a million and one tasks to do, what with all the things you need to think about simultaneously. Let us help you cross one very significant thing off your list‚Ķ your décor!

Where does wedding décor come in?

When you plan a wedding, it’s like having a blank canvas in front of you and then each time you make a decision you are adding layers of detail until, at the end of it all, you are left with a picture-perfect day.

Wedding décor makes up quite a large section of your blank canvas, determining a colour theme and style that the rest of your wedding will adhere to. It‚Äôs a pretty big deal, but it doesn‚Äôt have to be a big headache if you plan it right.

Here are some of our top tips for how to set about choosing your wedding décor, including all the items that you might want to consider.

Wedding décor categories

First things first, let’s think about the venue and one of the most important wedding purchases – the dress! Many brides won’t have chosen their gown just yet, but most will have an idea in their head about the ‘style’ of the dress they want to wear and the ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ of their ideal wedding set-up.

The dress is a hugely important piece as it’s the most personal item of all. Do you want it to be romantic, quirky, elegant, or perhaps daring? Then this should help you to understand what kind of overall theme you want for your big day and this will really help you when you are looking at décor and accessories.

Some venues can be transformed into your dream setting but many will have unique character, which is also something to keep in mind.

Ceremony décor

Your ceremony is where you and your partner will say your vows and so this is the first glimpse your guests will get of you and your wedding.?

Flowers will often play a big role in your wedding, both during the ceremony and your reception. When it comes to displaying them, however, you have the option to use rustic urns, beautiful stone pillars, geometric stands and much more.

Backdrops adorned with floral displays are very popular too, with lots of couples opting for arches or moongates displayed either at the entrance to the church or ceremony room or, alternatively, behind the altar. You can also speak to your florist about having flowers attached to chairs or pews and having petals scattered along the aisle.

If getting married in a function room, then your venue may be able to provide additional items such as a carpet for the walkway, as well as lanterns and chair covers in a range of colours and fabrics. Chair covers can transform the space and you can choose from a range of designs – one of the latest trends is a beautiful woven chiffon draping call the waterfall.

Finally, candles are a great way to add impact for a relatively small cost. If you have mantlepieces or a grand fireplace in your ceremony space then candles would dress them beautifully, just as they would on windowsills inside a church.

Reception décor

One of the great things about wedding décor is that most of the things you pay for can be re-used in different ways throughout the day. For instance, any flower displays and candles can be moved to your reception area if arranged, and your chairs will normally make up the seating for the reception.

In addition to these items, however, you might want to hire or buy a few extras. This might be:

– signage or displays (including a seating plan),

– a guest book station

– an additional backdrop for the head table,

– an LED sign for the dancefloor area,

– bar-style tables,

– a lounge seating area,

– food carts

Рhanging décor (floral arrangements, lights or bunting)

– a photobooth

– bathroom items

– a letterbox for cards

– a cake table

– garden games

– vases for bouquets

– umbrellas, blankets or flip-flops for guests

Talk to your venue as most hire these with the venue and may be cheaper or easier to hire from one supplier.

Table décor

When it comes to your table design, there are certain things that are expected at a traditional wedding. These include a table name (usually displayed in a holder), name place cards, and wedding favours. While you will be expected to provide these, your venue will offer options such as tablecloths, crockery, and glassware.

Wood slices are an eye-catching piece of table décor that are great for putting floral displays on or votives, meanwhile, scatter crystals can be effective too.

There is so much variety to choose from when considering wedding décor, which is probably why it feels a bit daunting when you are just starting out with your planning.

One of the best things to do is to create your own checklist using some of the ideas listed above as a reference, and then to start creating boards and pinning ideas to them using sites such as Pinterest.

It will then all come together to form a beautiful picture of a wedding – your wedding – just wait and see!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry your personal Warwick House wedding planner, will assist you in arranging your perfect day. Download a brochure to find out more.