An all-white wedding can be quite a daunting prospect for many people, but creating this look can produce an absolutely stunning effect. And don’t think you can only use this theme for a winter wedding. Choosing white or cream really sets off a summer wedding too – the lightness can create a cooling effect and you can add splashes of colour with your flower choices and even with your food.

1. Decorations

Why not experiment with oversized paper lanterns? They’re pretty cheap to get your hands on and are a simple way of creating a stunning aisle or add them to your entranceway.

To create a really ethereal and dreamy effect to your day, go candle crazy, choosing from creams and ivory to keep things interesting. This adds to the overall elegance and also makes for some stunning photography.


Having all white chairs and chair backers, along with other subtle touches, such as cream napkins and tablecloths, can produce a beautiful atmosphere.


2. Flowers & bouquets

Flowers usually play an important part in a wedding day, whether they’re being used for decoration or for the bouquets.


Use them in conjunction with candles to create romantic ambience throughout the day. Adding splashes of greenery can draw the eye in, but still, keep the simplicity and elegance of the theme.

3. The venue

Having an overall theme for your wedding day means that you shouldn’t forget certain aspects. For example, the venue. If you have a white theme in mind, why not go all out and choose a venue that encompasses everything, from blossom trees to beautifully arched windows.


4. The menu

Menu-wise, you can attempt to go all out with your white theme too – but we can’t guarantee that you’ll find a white main to suit everyone’s pallets! Try incorporating a white dessert, as this will be easier to find and create. How about a rich vanilla cheesecake or panna cotta?

You could also choose your drinks menu to match your food. Team clear spirits, such as gin, vodka, and white rum, with clear mixers, like tonic water or lemonade. Add splashes of colour in the form of edible flowers or straws.

5. The dress

If you’re following tradition, then a white dress can really add to your chosen wedding theme. And it doesn’t just have to be the bride in white either; choose ivory, cream, and magnolia dresses for your bridesmaids to mix it up, but still keep within the white theme.


Go for either dainty lace for a delicate touch or go all out with a dramatic sweeping statement dress; a perfect finish to your ultra-glamorous and elegant theme.


All of the images above are taken from our Warwick House gallery, the perfect venue for a white themed wedding. Get in touch today to find out more!

Featured photographer, Danielle King.