“We had such an amazing day and loved the venue. We had no issues at all with anything. The food was amazing and the staff were brilliant.”

Where did you get engaged and how long had you been together before hand?

“We got engaged in New York in June 2012. Simon took me there for my 30th Birthday as a surprise as I have always wanted to go. On our last day we went to look round Tiffany’s and Simon proposed to me on the diamonds and pearls floor. I was in shock and never saw it coming even when we were looking around at the diamonds. We had been together over three years at this point. It is such a wonderful story that even when I tell people now I can’t help but smile and whoever is listening is often the same. We had both experienced hard times in life before we met so it really was a happily ever after for us both.

How many venues did you visit before you chose Warwick House as your wedding venue?

“We visited Warwick house first as I had come across the web page on google. I was in love with the venue as soon as I saw it, but I decided to go and visit a few others just incase. Everyone I went to I kept comparing it to Warwick House and in my opinion none of the other venues impressed me as much. I would say I visited another three venues.”

How did you feel when you first visited Warwick House, did you know straight away that you wanted to get married here?

“I was in love straight away with the venue. I loved the building, the furnishings, the bridal suite and the staff were very friendly and welcoming. I like the privacy of the venue that you and your party are the only ones there. Makes it feel more personnel.”

What was your first step of wedding planning? Venue search, dress shopping, choosing a date etc?

“I visited the national wedding show at the NEC as I know this is a great place to get ideas. I found my dress at the show and got loads of great ideas. I knew I wanted a Christmas wedding so I planned to get married in December either 2013/2014. I searched venues and found Warwick House online and emailed to ask about open evenings. I knew I wanted a Tiffany colour scheme and to tie in New York somehow.”

How many months/years in advance did you book your special day?

“I booked my wedding only five weeks before the actually day. I had already brought my dress so I managed to arrange everything else in the five weeks.”

What was the hardest thing about planning your wedding day?

“It wasn’t hard to do a last minute wedding as long as you make quick decisions and it almost takes the stress out of planning the day as you don’t have the time to get stressed about anything. My husband and I are quite laid back anyway so we went with the flow. The hardest thing I had to overcome was giving the Coventry Registry office enough notice before the wedding as you need 16 days clear before the date. So my husband had to give the Warwick registrar who was marrying us on the day of our wedding the certificates of marriage. As they were shut over Christmas and we got married on the 28th December.”

Did you have a colour scheme and theme?

“Tiffany Blue and New York”

What were the highlights of your day?

“My husband, mother and brother in law had all come down with a sickness bug the two days before and I was so worried I wouldn’t have a groom on the day. Fortunately they all made a miracle recovery and were all fine on the day. The day was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anything different. The venue was amazing, I had five bridesmaids and we all got ready in the bridal changing area which is beautiful and really handy if you are getting married at Warwick House as you do not have to leave the venue in your dress if the weather is bad. The food was beautiful. The staff were very helpful and couldn’t do enough for the both of us and our guests. They even ran me a bath at night and put food in my room and wedding cake. After a very long day it was amazing to relax in the amazing bath tub in the bridal suite. Just little touches really make a big difference. I have to say the best highlight of my day was marrying the man I love and sharing the day with all our friends and family. I wish I could relive the day as it goes too fast.”

Where there any funny moments on the Day?

“We had a lot of laughs in the bridal changing area before the wedding. We also had a few giggles through the ceremony. The speeches were brilliant by my sister and the best man. Lots of funny stories. We had a laugh with the photographer during the photos. Nothing happened that wasn’t planned really. Everything was perfect. The dancing at the end of the night was questionable by a few guests.”

Now you have “been there done that” in hindsight is there any thing you would have done differently?

“I don’t think there is anything, the only disappointing thing was a lot of the day guests who had send us an rsvp didn’t turn up. This always happens though. It is annoying however when you could have asked other people. But these things happen.”

Do you have any advice for Bride and Grooms that are just starting their wedding plans?

“As we planned a last minute wedding in five weeks I would just say to anyone who is considering doing the same. It can be done. It’s not as stressful as you would think. The cost for us was a lot more manageable. The only thing that takes time is the dress. If you don’t have a certain date in mind but you know the month it’s very easy to plan.”

Photography by: Sunny Marwaha Photography